Weaver Buildings

Founded in 2014, Weaver Buildings is an architecture and development company that practices in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California. By designing with sustainability, construction costs and market disposition in mind, Weaver Buildings realizes healthy environments and optimized returns.

Our strategy is based on this principle: it takes a team to make a building. We emphasize an interdisciplinary design process; that is, drawing with specialty consultants from the conversation’s origin. When working with contractors and craftsmen, we practice two-way team communication for a correct, timely and cost-efficient execution of the design. The endurance of team communication, with investors, clients, consultants, contractors, brokers and appraisers is the key to a thoughtful and seamless solution. We value laughter and empathy in communication for the expression of vivacious and positive environments.


Jen Weaver is an architect and developer passionate about the market realization of high-performance buildings. She  actively participates in Urban Land Institute, particularly the FutureBuild Committee and the Los Angeles Leadership Council, is a member of United States Green Building Council, and is an active member of the American Institute of Architects, with regular writing contributions to Texas Architect magazine. To increase the market realization of high-performance buildings, Jen also acts as Commercial Advisor to Incentifind, a sustainability incentive, rebate and funding database. Findings are optimized through AI and provide a range of savings potentials in a single deliverable.

Jen graduated from the University of Southern California Price School of Public Policy with a Master of Real Estate Development where her research describes the potentials of greenhouse gas capture and Clean Air Infrastructure Real Estate futures.

Prior to Weaver Buildings, Jen focused on technical architecture in mid-rise renovations and restorations in New York City, significantly 36 Gramercy Park East and 54 Bond. In New York, she also designed and permitted the renovation of several brownstones. Her interest in integrated building delivery processes began at a design-build firm after graduating from The University of Texas School of Architecture. During school, she focused on the details of building by acting as an estimator at a masonry company and interning at an architectural lighting design firm.

Registered Architect, Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, No. 25468
Registered Interior Designer, Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, No. 12249
LEED AP, United States Green Building Council


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