About Weaver Buildings

Founded in 2014, Weaver Buildings is a solution-focused architectural practice located in downtown Austin. We emphasize close communications and long-term client relationships to ensure unique detailed solutions that are tailored to benefit and reinforce the overall strategy of each project. Our strategy is based on this principle: it takes a team to make a building. When we begin conversations with clients, we meet many times to assess their aspirations. We need to fully understand the design question our building will answer. We emphasize an inter-disciplinary design process; that is, drawing with specialty consultants from the beginning of the idea’s conception. When working with contractors and craftsmen, we practice two-way team communication for a correct, timely and cost-efficient execution of the design. The endurance of team communication, from client to consultant and finally to contractor in the field is the key to a thoughtful and seamless solution. We value laughter and empathy in communication for the expression of vivacious and positive environments.

Jen Weaver is a Registered Architect and member of the American Institute of Architects. Read her Curriculum Vitae here.



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