Weaver Buildings is proud to offer Architect’s Reports and Reserve Studies for condo regimes as required by Texas Property Code 82.154, Condominiums with Conversion Buildings.

Sec. 82.154.  CONDOMINIUMS WITH CONVERSION BUILDINGS.  If a building contains units that may be occupied for residential use, the condominium information statement of a condominium containing any conversion building must additionally contain:
(1)  a dated statement by the declarant, based on a report by an independent architect or engineer, describing the present condition of all structural components and mechanical and electrical installations material to the use and enjoyment of the building;
(2)  a dated statement by the declarant of the expected useful life of each item reported in Subdivision (1) or a statement that no representations are made in that regard; and
(3)  a list of violations of building code or other governmental regulations of which the declarant has received notice and that have not been cured, together with the estimated cost of curing those violations.

The Architect’s Report describes what each individual unit for purchases contains, and thereby what each individual owner is responsible for maintaining. The Reserve Study describes what the HOA is responsible for maintaining. For 4- unit conversions or larger, the Reserve Study considers a thirty year life-cycle for the exterior building and common elements.

Completed Condominium Packages:

Grover & Morrow Condominiums, 2- unit conversion
806 East 46th Condominiums, 2- unit conversion
1245 Spyglass Condominiums, 2- unit conversion
1806 Justin Condominiums, 2- unit conversion
2012 Payne Condominiums, 2- unit conversion
2102 Wordsworth Condominium, 2- unit conversion
2407 Enfield Road, 2- unit conversion
3201 Jack Cook Drive, 2- unit conversion
3207 Twinberry Condominiums, 2- unit conversion
4509 Smooth Oak Condominiums, 2- unit conversion
6205 Shadow Valley Condominiums, 2- unit conversion
6305 Vioitha Condominiums, 2- unit conversion
3800 Southridge Drive Condominiums, 4-unit conversion
9100- 4 Mountain Ridge Drive Condominiums, 4- unit conversion
The Flats at 935, 72- unit conversion