We are an architecture and development service company. Let us know how we can help you realize your dreams.

Schematic Design
This is the start of the project; we create the concept of the built product. After talking with our clients to assess their needs, wants and hopes, we develop plans, sections and models as a tool to develop the design. Together, we will review the spatial implications, cost, and constructability. The budget is an approximate price per square foot in this phase.

Design Development
Once we have confirmed the direction the project is taking, we begin working with consultants to properly size structural and building environment systems. We develop dimensioned plans, sections, reflected ceiling plans, and the model becomes more realistic. The budget begins tighten and options becomes clearly delineated as line-items.

Construction Documents
Once the design is set, we develop a complete set of construction drawings and specifications. This is the set the contractor will bid on and build by – it becomes the legal agreement of exactly what will be built. All systems must be fully integrated, correctly sized and well-detailed for a flawless solution.

Bidding and Negotiation
We have relationships with contractors in town and can help you siphon through competitive bids to compare prices, actual performance and skill to insure the best realization of your project.

Construction Administration
During construction, we maintain regular contact with the contractor, monitoring that work is in compliance with the Construction Documents. We maintain weekly field reports, documenting progress by the contractor and review pay applications made by the contractor, confirming work reported is performed correctly.

Additional Services:
– Site selection: With our knowledge of building design, building codes, zoning and easments, we can aid you in selecting the best property to meet your project’s goals.
– Feasibility Studies: We prepare a report investigating and clearly defining the envelope of possibilities of the project. This is shaped by easements, utilities, city regulations, possible HOA regulations, and applicable building codes.
– Programming: Not sure what you want or need? We can help you define your projects spatial goals by determining and sizing your programming needs.
– Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: This package is ideal for interior finish outs in which few to no walls move and no major plumbing or electrical changes are being made.
– Drawings or renderings for promotional materials.