Condo Conversions

In accordance with Texas Property Code 82.154 – Condominiums with Conversion Buildings, Weaver Buildings provides Architect’s Reports and Reserve Studies – required documents in the condominium information statement. This particular work is only applicable to existing residential structures being divided for the first time into multiple residential units, or conversions from a different asset class into residential units. Architectural observations are not a required supplement in the condo information statement for new construction residential structures permitted as multiple units for individual sale.

Weaver Buildings has provided observations and reports to support the creation of  300+ new condo units, aiding in the process of delivering more affordable housing options to Austin’s urban and suburban markets. Rising housing demands increase purchase prices for the foreseeable future. Dividing existing assets into new housing units certainly expedites our ability bring more housing to the market – at more affordable prices. Because zoning in Austin and other cities around Texas do not currently allow for small lot subdivisions, condos are the only way to bring about these offerings.

For the legal creation of existing structures into new residential condominiums regimes, please contact Texas Condo Law. If you are working with Texas Condo Law and construction is complete, please download this observation request and return to