Haskell Health House
Mixed use // Residential // Retail

The Haskell Health House is an urban infill home with 850 sq ft of interior living space paired with 1,100 sq ft of landscaped living along downtown’s hike and bike trail on Lady Bird Lake. The small and tall interior spaces of Haskell Health House enhance an efficient footprint designed for maximum utility. The stair tower acts as lungs, pulling rising heat to exit through north-facing clerestory. Hopper windows above all of the doors feed the stair tower, creating constant air movement. A 3-head split system offers an option for mechanical climate control as well. In keeping with the design manifesto, the outdoor kitchen, dining table, cocktail lounge, master screened porch and roof deck that overlooks Lady Bird Lake bring living spaces outside. Native plant selections and edible features qualify this yard as a Natural Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. Visitors are greeted by range edge plantings like persimmons and prickly pear to form a hardy barrier from the street. The front yard hosts a hypernature plant gallery with loquat, agarita, and various wildflowers of central Texas. Privacy is enhanced along the fence with screened edge plantings like virginia creeper, mustang grapes and Will Fleming yaupons. Neighboring amenities like Launderette, Fiesta Gardens and the new Holly Shores Park insure the home will always be near the best Austin has to offer. The Festival Beach Food Forrest has also received approval from the City of Austin and is in the fundraising stage.

Architecture, Development and Contracting by Weaver Buildings
Landscape Architecture by Studio Balcones
Structural Engineering by Structures
Environmental Design by Positive Energy

Architectural photography by Atelier Wong, Lifestyle photography by Moyo Oyelola.

July 2016